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This is Pumzie, a really gross fursuiter. She and her boyfriend frequently make rape jokes, as seen here. Seeing as how they’re friends with wolfy-nail, I wasn’t surprised.

Villdry asks “How is this rape? Can’t rape the willing.” and yet in the Keywords: section she has “rape” listed. This person is an idiot!

Just to put it out there;

- Firstly, this is all cut, pasted and put together from loads of different comments from different submissions over a long time. So the tags are in the image are not connected to the comments quoted at all!

- Second, the tag is a mishap, it’s supposed to say rape-face. If you go to the submission, it has nothing to do with rape what so ever. The term rapeface is simply internet lingo, to describe a certain “>:3”-like expression. Just try googling it, you’ll see for yourself!
And if you STILL don’t believe me, go to the submission yourself and check. See how much rape is in it! 

- Third. The comments quoted are often replies to other comments on different submissions and very, very taken out of context. One for instance, is simply an answer if my commission was “rape”, since the male in the picture looked a bit furious. Then I answered “Pssss, can’t rape the willing!”, as a means to simultaneously deny the image having rape in it, as well as give a nudge towards the male being my boyfriend, who i actually do have sex with (SHOCKER). 

I just think i’d try and show my side of the story before everyone starts getting on the judging-train on here. I REALLY want to solve this in a mature manner rather than hatemongering back and forth.


I lost it at beauty and the beast







everyone should watch this.


The lollipop sealed my casket .

"Dont you Prejuuuuudge ME!"

I’m dead

*snort* dying.


:’) I shed a tear of my childhood.






Living with a dog is like having a furry drunk person following you around all the time.

Laughing so hard my body is shaking

Send me a pokemon type and i’ll tell you:

- my favorite pokemon of that type

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

- the cutest pokemon of that type

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type

I'm sure you hear this constantly, but I only just discovered your suit(and quite a load of fanart of your fursona) so I wanted to say I totally love it. But I do want to ask something, did you make your own suit?

Thanks so much! Glad to hear you like it. :) 
I didn’t make my own suit, I got someone to make it for me. 

The fursuit maker can be found here:



Its Sunday! GOOD FURSUITS FEATURE SPOT! (we brought it back)

1. Clementine 

2. Flux and Pandemic

3. Katana Rose and Telephone

4. Confession

5. Kaya

6. Jackal

7. Pumzie

8. Alcatraz

9. Judas

10. Yoshey

Haha, this is pretty rad. It’s an honor being featured with such other awesome suits, aaah. <3 

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I have never reblogged something so fast in my life


Making me jealous will only push me away from you. It won’t make me want you more. I’m not very competitive, if I see someone who’s making you a lot happier than I am, I’ll back up because I’ll assume you want that person a lot more. Although it’ll hurt seeing someone other than me make you happy, I’ll leave it to them to keep you entertained. I don’t like the feeling of being unwanted or being just second best. I’m a very jealous person and I hate it.


A quick, experimental OC I’ve grown to like. Future tweaks to come. &lt;3


A quick, experimental OC I’ve grown to like. Future tweaks to come. <3